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How to Lose Weight As a Kid

Losing weight as a kid can be difficult, because children can not go to a fitness studio. Very few diets are created for children. Diets for adults are often unhealthy for children since they are targeted at more mature metabolisms. Still, there are many ways for young children to lose weight, and thus become healthier and happier!

1.Set goals. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Is it to feel more active at recess or fit into trendier clothes? Knowing what is motivating you to lose weight will give you a better chance of achieving your weight loss goals.

  1. 2.Make a chart. If you eat healthy food, give yourself a star. If you eat unhealthy food, give yourself an x. Have a reward attached to it. For example, how much money you get as allowance depends on how many stars you have. Set a goal to reach, like a certain number of stars, for example, and if you make it, do something fun like going bowling or heading to the park!

  2. 3.Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated speeds weight loss and lowers your appetite. You can also add lemon to water for flavoring, but try not to drink juices, colas and other sugary drinks, which are high in calories. Drink water instead. For an extra yummy flavor and smell, add lemon or lime juice!

  3. 4.Find healthy snacks. If you want to snack in between meals, try to choose healthy, low-calorie options like a fruit or yogurt.

  4. 5.Avoid eating anything before you go to bed. Your body burns calories more slowly in the evening. Try to stop eating a few hours before bedtime.

  5. 6.Count your calories. You may be surprised how much little things, like a soda with lunch, add up. Talk to your doctor or PE teacher to find out how many calories a day you should be eating.

  6. 7.Everything in moderation. Trying to lose weight does not mean you will never be able to have sweets or desserts again. Have occasional smaller portions of the things you love to eat.

  7. 8.Find a sport you like to do. Do you like soccer, swimming, basketball, track and field, or dancing? You will be surprised about how many pounds you lose and how much fitter you become!

  8. 9.Run. Start at your own pace but try to keep jogging every other day for at least 20-30 minutes.

  9. 10.Push-ups and sit-ups. Do 15 or more push-ups and sit-ups every day. This will give you more arm strength and help tighten your stomach.

  10. 11.Join a gym. Local gyms often have reduced rates and special classes for kids.2
  11. 12.Stay focused. Don't let problems or bad days affect your eating habits or exercise plan.3
  12. 13.Be patient. Losing weight does not happen overnight. There are some weeks you will lose less weight than others. There are some weeks you may not lose any weight. This is natural and does not indicate failure. Stick with your plan and a result will eventually come.4
  13. 14.Try doing something that will get your mind off unhealthy or fattening food and/or drinks.

  14. 15.Make a countdown to a certain day when you will have wanted to lose a certain number of pounds. Make it reasonable (1-2 pounds a week is a healthy rate). Remember you're probably growing too, so if you only lose five pounds, but grow three inches, you've made a lot of progress!

  15. 16.Get lots of good sleep. This will make sure you have plenty of energy to go out and have fun. Sleep is an easy way to lose weight!

  16. 17.Make sure you drink lots of water when exercising or playing for an extended amount of time.(Most sports/energy drinks have lots of sugar).

  17. 18.Schedule meals in a diary. Schedule meals and snacks ahead of time and do not impulsively eat! Write down every single thing you eat.

  18. 19.Ask your friends to help you and support you. They can run a mile with you while talking or have a bike race. Just be sure to make things fun!

  19. 20.If you are not motivated to do any exercise, have a dance party inside with your family! Turn on some fun music and dance. Invite friends and have a party!

  20. 21.Try to deal with sweat. Sweating is good for you. Think of sweat as a sign that you are burning calories. If you like to keep clean, try to soak a towel in ice water after a workout to wipe your forehead and neck with.

    22.Bring an iPod or an MP3 with you when you exercise. Time goes by much faster when you have music!

    • Have confidence in your self and don't give up until you have reached your goal

    • Understand that most diets are not meant for children, and some are even harmful to adults, like the ones that involve not eating at all..

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