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How to Lose Weight With Sex

Losing weight with sex isn't something that happens overnight. Preferably, you have a constant, long-term sex partner that knows your goals with sex-driven weight loss, and is happy to help you keep to your regimen until your desired results are achieved. This may sound militant, but we ARE trying to lose weight here! Treat this like you would any other diet and exercise program - make a plan, make goals, and stick to the plan until you reach the goals.


Figure out where you have the most work to do
. If you have cottage-cheese-in-a-stocking thighs, you're targeting your thighs. If your upper arms are a little bat-wing-y, you've got to target your rear upper arms. Figuring out where exactly you need to target your efforts is the first thing to making sex-driven weight loss work for you.

Experiment with different positions! If you do happen to be working on your upper arms, then try a position that has you supporting yourself in a way that puts strain in that area. If you're looking to tone your butt, try a more adventurous standing position (never, EVER in the bathroom or shower!). If you're trying to tone your tummy, work with positions such as being the rear partner low doggy style (both on knees, one entering from behind), (for men) cowgirl/reverse cowgirl partner (partner on top) or (for women) have your partner on top of you and try to use your abdomen and stomach to push your hips up towards them ("humping") while they make a minimal amount of movement (your shoulders and upper back should stay on the bed/table/other fun sex surface). The idea here is to feel the burn and the pleasure at the same time! Don't be afraid to experiment with different, unique positions. The writer of this article found an interesting 'both partners on their side' position not unlike spooning that helps to tone both parties' legs and butts.

This is not a technique that is meant to blast pounds in a few weeks or even months to a year! This is to help you tone and improve WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE - and perhaps to inspire some really amazing (or at least new and interesting) lovemaking between reader and partner. If you are very overweight or obese then this method may not work for you. You may need to apply some other regimen that is harsher in nature in order to get rid of the weight. This advice is meant for people who have little to none body fat but maybe had more in the past, and want to do small work outside the gym to help with the evidence. Keep this up as long or as short as you want, but DON'T expect results. Sometimes low-impact toning exercises just don't work for people - but sex is always fun! This can be a good way to make the first work for you and the second gain a little more flair in your life.


  • Don't expect to feel particularly elegant or graceful the first time you try a new position or try to implement a muscle-toning effort into your sex life. Not everyone has an innate porn-star capability for athletic, aerobic sex and the first few times you try something new you will probably not get the exact angle/results/graceful impression that you would with a position you are confident and comfortable with. For this reason, the writer suggests having a partner who you are very comfortable with, who is aware of your particular desires and goals, and who can see you make a funny face in the middle of a sexual situation and/or have either of you completely wear out without orgasm and not have it turn into a terribly awkward, uncomfortable situation.
  • The writer of this article would NEVER EVER suggest trying to have sex in a shower. Most of the accidents that occur in the home occur in the bathroom, and the writer has no wish to hear of accidents resulting from the information they meant to share in a helpful way. Always, when trying out new sexual ventures, be sure that you are in a warm and comfortable place, with plenty of flat space or cushioning, especially if you are going to be particularly athletic in your attempts. Outdoors can be fun as well, just be wary of interested neighbors and possible wildlife in whatever warm, grassy field you feel the need to christen.
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