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Eating and drinking after age 30

Women age 30 to start paying more attention to diet, to ensure moderation and balance. A healthy diet is an important factor for long life and less disease.

From age 30 onwards, need foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Good diet including whole grain foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and protein supply selection. This is especially important with age, the metabolism in the body begin to go bad.

Here are some foods that women should supplement their diet.

Tuna, salmon. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids needed to ensure heart health. This type of fat also contributes to enhance memory and improve cognitive abilities. The fish is also a good source of lean protein should be incorporated into any diet.

Spinach. Rich in nutrients, vitamins and fiber needed for healthy functioning of the body. Therefore, women over 30 years of age necessarily put spinach in the diet regularly.

Eggs. Scientists believe that the addition of eggs in the diet help reduce the risk of frequent blood clotting, stroke and heart attack. Eggs are high in vitamin D and helps to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. Eggs are also an excellent source of protein.

Beans. Indispensable in the diet of women, because it contains a lot of iron and folate - are essential during pregnancy to ensure the development of fetal neural tube. It also proved to be an "assistant" to the heart efficiently.

Skim milk. Does not contain fat and cholesterol should deserve a healthier alternative to regular milk. It contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. Skim milk is a good source of calcium and also help preserve bone health.

Yogurt. As to the age of 30, you need to ensure adequate absorption of calcium per day. Calcium helps strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. Eating yogurt is a great way to maintain health and ensure healthy absorption of calcium.

Food grain. Women often suffer from digestive problems. This can be solved by bringing fiber to the diet. Fiber is also useful in maintaining a healthy weight, because it makes you feel full longer. Whole-grain bread, bran cereal, brown rice are good sources of fiber rich.

Seeds, soy products. These foods contain monounsaturated fats are essential to reduce bad cholesterol. Nuts contain healthy fats needed for the functioning of the body. Almonds, cashews and walnuts as these nuts are recommended for women to have a healthy heart. In addition, soy products such as tofu, milk, butter ... also contribute to reducing bad cholesterol.

Fruits. Iron in fruits such as strawberries and bananas for women to demand of iron and folate supplements in them. The reproductive and menstrual them easily fall into the iron deficiency.
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