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How to Lose Weight in 3 Weeks

If you’re trying to lose weight for a special event, odds are that you’re looking at least a month before the event for solutions that can help you fit into that special dress or outfit. If you have at least 3 weeks before your event, you can undergo a special 3-week diet to help shed pounds and feel your best.

While there aren’t any specific diets that fit into a 3 week time period, there are plenty of 1-week diets that can be combined into a 3-week long weight-loss program. Sometimes, changing your diet or varying your routine can help keep you interested in weight loss to reach your goal.

Week 1 – Juicing
During the first week, experiment with juicing. Not only is juicing a great way to eliminate excess calories, it’s also delicious. You can try different juicing recipes to meet your needs including detox recipes and protein-rich varieties.
In order to get started with a juicing diet, you’ll need a high-powered juicer. You can find juicers at most department stores or kitchen suppliers. The important thing to look for is a product with parts that are easy to clean.

Avoid juicing too many fruits. Aim for vegetables, especially leafy greens. Mix and match different combinations to create a drink that you enjoy. Add fruit to vegetables for flavor, but not as the main component of a juice as they are high in calories and sugar.

Week 2 – Raw Diet 
After your week of juicing, try moving into a raw diet. Raw diets allow you to eat almost anything uncooked. This eliminates most refined carbohydrates and meats. Instead, try eating nuts, salads, fruits and fibrous vegetables.

If you can’t go totally raw, a diet of 75% raw will still be beneficial. If you must cook your food, refrain from temperatures above 116. Look into dried foods including jerky and fruit leather.

Week 3 – Blood Type Diet
For the third week, try out the blood type diet. There are actually guidelines on how you should eat depending on your blood type. If you don’t know your blood type, you can have it tested inexpensively at any doctor’s office.

Blood type diet information can be easily found and detailed lists of allowed foods are available. Stick to the list and you should be able to control your weight with ease.

Cycling through various 1-week programs will help you lose weight while staying interested in your diet. In three weeks you can try three different programs and find one that works for you. Losing weight in three weeks is possible and if you put your mind to it, you can lose weight for whatever event is coming your way.

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