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Treatment with tomatoes

Tomatoes are sour, sweet, a bit of welding, can go into business, company, position, scrap, kidneys negative effect new student nurse, thermal bar beverage, real consumption Pi conditions, can mean cool blood, detoxifies beauty ...

Clinically used tomato trade all of the negative thermal papers, thermal bother trying thirst, dry throat apple tongue, loss of appetite, mouth bitter because of the heat, can sound deficiency, dizziness, dry eye, tooth bleeding , hypertension, coronary artery disease, high blood fat.

Some of applying:

Treatment for children with sores in the oral cavity: 0.5 kg tomatoes, washed, eggs over boiling water, peeled, seeded, water pressure to use. On using 2-3 times, each time using 100 ml.

Cure for slow-growing young, middle-aged man debilitating: 200 gr tomatoes, bone (the head) 250 gr pork, 1 egg fruit, seasoning salt, sesame oil and enough of everything. Bone pork washed, chopped, ground into a saucepan, pour enough water, cook up north, with strong fire to boil, remove scum off, turn small fire cook for 1 hour, the trio, transfer soup pot over another, after use. Wash tomatoes, sliced. Eggs hit the cup, the salt wedge into the soup pot, heat continues to mature, for seasoning, sprinkle with sesame oil. Use eggs and tomato soup, divided 1-2 times a day for all.

Tongue dry mouth treatment apple: Take tomato juice squeezed about 150-200 ml and 20 ml water harmony to use the cane.

Mouth Sores Cure: Use tomato juice in the mouth, sucking every few minutes, several times day.

Cure gum bleeding: Tomatoes enough clean, used instead of fruit, ready to use on a half months.

Cure indigestion, loss of appetite: Tomatoes enough, washed, crushed, juiced, sucking each 150 ml, 2-3 times a day suck. 1-2 tomatoes or fruit, washed, eggs over boiling water, and eat every morning.

Bitter mouth due to heat treatment: 150 ml tomato juice, 15 ml medlar juice. Two water mix to use, 2-3 times a day.

People with celiac disease can use tomato juice about 150 ml, and 150 ml of potato juice mixed to use every morning and afternoon.

With diabetes, using 40 gr tomatoes, watermelon peel 30 grams, 30 grams of melon skin, natural flower pollen 30 gr. Washed sliced ​​tomatoes, and watermelon peel, peel zucchini, natural flower pollen to the clay pot, pour enough water, cook up north, with strong fire to boil, turn to low heat and security, leaving residue, water , 2 water heater, every half hour, take two countries reconciled, leaving residue, used to drink tea instead of days.
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